06 December 2009

Long Night Ahead

The girls are finally down. Its been a difficult weekend with them both being slightly ill and four shots each (including a booster for H1N1) at the doctor on Friday. They do continue to grow and learn in leaps and bounds. Leia was walking around on her tippy toes tonight, quite a feat in balance for someone who only learned to walk a few months ago. Alisa's vocabulary is up to about 35-40 words and growing. Her ability to put words together for new meaning is increasing. They both have really taken to pretend play, such as feeding their stuffed animals or tucking them into bed. Alisa is also starting to really sing songs rather than just random rhythmic noises. Best of all, they're almost to the point where I can read a real story to them rather than a very simplistic board book - that's when the real fun begins!

The title of the post refers to work. I'm just sitting down to work. My first meeting is in 15 minutes. 1 hour of meetings tonight, about 250 emails to catch up on, its the end-game in our (truly massive) product cycle and - on top of it all - is focal review season. I've got about 6 hours of work that must be completed before tomorrow morning. Ugh.

Now if only I could find where I lost my motivation. The weak kneed leaders in the Senate don't help.

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