03 December 2009

18 Months

The girls are 18 months old today. The experience has been intense. Its starting to relax a little and I'm beginning to find myself with more energy to do other things. Work cries out for attention. So does my home life. Getting a balance between the two isn't easy.

Alisa uses two word combinations regularly now. Leia responds correctly to amazingly complex sentences. Their biggest problems now are phonics and vocabulary. This calls for a trip to the bookstore!

Leia is the ringleader. She's the one who always has an idea for something new to do, some new game to play. Alisa follows along joyfully. If Leia does anything to hurt Alisa, she tells on her. For example, Alisa will come complaining to me saying "Leia" and slapping herself on the head.

You can always tell when the girls enjoy their food. Leia is quiet and eats prodigiously. Alisa smiles and says "mmmmmmmm".

Alisa likes playing the recorder and the piano. Leia likes drums and dancing. These are some of the last photos of the girls before they turned 18 months. They are clearly no longer babies; but, budding individuals.