16 April 2009

This is Disgusting

Much of the contents of the torture authorizations under Bush were made public today. This was a long time coming. Obama could have had many reasons to wait so long to release them; but, I do judge him less a leader because of the wait.

The contents are disgusting, no doubt about it. Even the little I read was gruesome. However, what I found telling was the rationale the head of the CIA gave for not wanting the details released:

Now, he argued, foreign partners will be less likely to cooperate with the CIA because the release shows they "can't keep anything secret."

Can't keep anything secret? Seriously? What kind of reason is that?

Individuals representing the US people broke US and international law. There is real evidence of conspiracy with the highest office in the land. The US has lost even further any claim to morality or human rights. And this guy is worried about other countries being unhappy because they think we can't keep a secret. Incredible.

Send the lot to the Hague for prosecution under the World Court.

Updated: It finally struck me why this comment from the CIA is so ridiculous. We broke the treaties we signed with our allies and the complaint from the CIA is that allies won't trust us because we can't keep a secret. What about our allies not trusting us because we cannot follow our own treaties?

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