22 April 2009

Howling for Blood

Words fail me. A reasonable reaction to torturing people in order to get a confession for something that is already known to be false (an Iraq/Al Qaida connection) to support a bogus invasion is just beyond my ability to articulate.

How can this be anything but a war crime? These 'gentlemen' need to be tried in a court of law.

It really should be the World Court instead of a US court that conducts the trial. The notion of US exceptionalism must be stopped now. Its the idea that the US is special and somehow exempt from standards upheld by many other countries that helps enable such despicable behavior. The USA has become another victim of hubris. Knock it down a peg or two.

On second thought, try these bastards in both a US federal court and the World Court. Double their sentence. Make sure the POTUS can't pardon their sorry asses.

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