09 April 2009

Feeling a Bit Better

Last night was great! I cancelled all meetings and went to sleep as soon as Alisa was down. She woke up only once throughout the night (at least for anything more than 30 seconds) and so I slept a total of about 12 hours last night. Beautiful! I feel so much better.

Sleep was important last night because today was the kickoff meeting for The Chocolate Factory. We had senior folks from various parts of the business unit (engineering, program management, product management, marketing, experience design) gather today to form a tiger team around the project. It looks like it will become an SBO (Strategic Business Objective) for the next fiscal year. That translates to really strong executive backing and significant funding. We're off to a good start. We've agreed on long-term and mid-term goals as well as a basic structure to our approach. We've also identified some areas where we lack expertise and need to bring in 3 other people to the core tiger team (legal, customer care, and business operations.) Lastly, the timeline I was originally shooting for (3-5 years) is being brought in to less than 2 years. I wish my other projects were going so well...

On the home front, Alisa feels better, as evidenced by her sleeping so soundly last night. Leia is still having trouble breathing at night and so wakes up every hour or so, making life unbearable for Hirono. During the day they both are doing well. They try to walk on their own. Leia keeps challenging herself to balance and stand upright without support. They eat three solid meals a day and snacks in between, so they're slowly weaning off formula/mother's milk.

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