24 May 2008

Not Shabby

An 88 out of 100. No wonder we can walk everywhere but the hospital, Kaiser. However, Kaiser did open an office within walking distance and they have a pediatrician. So even that should be taken care of soon.


Update: Apparently a key metric is missing from this walkscore site, access to public transportation. The fact that there is a train station within three blocks of home doesn't change the walk score. It should. It means I never have to drive to work or to San Francisco or to go out dancing, drinking, etc. So 88 is probably too low. --e


Tracy said...

I thought you were addressing Kaiser Soze of the Blue State Baseball League, not Kaiser Permanente. Silly me!

Tracy said...

I didn't think our score would be very good, but 14? Wow. That truly sucks. We must buy us a scooter.

Eric Wilde said...

14, Wow. It must be hard to get around without a car.

Susan said...

There are many key metrics missing.

My abode in downtown Troy gets an 83.
But the place they list as a bar isn't one, and the grocery store they list sells only Italian imported foods; great for a special dinner, not so good for peanut butter and milk.

And the movie theater they list? Skinema Arts, which has been closed for years, and it was a porn theater while it was there, so possibly not so useful to me.

But I love the idea, and it is true my apartment is pretty easy for walking. It will be even better when the Troy Food Co-op opens and I can walk to a real grocery store.

I'd give my place a 70.