25 May 2008

Alcohol Meme, Lightweight Edition

Another meme from Toast.

Yes, I am a lightweight when it comes to alcohol. I’d much rather vaporize. Funny thing is, I can down the whiskey with no problem; but, beer and wine go straight to my head. I’ll easily drink 8 or 10 scotches but can’t drink more than 2 or 3 beers.

Beer, wine, liquor, mixed drinks. Rank 'em.

1. Liquor (scotch)
2. Wine (red)
3. Beer (dark)
4. Mixed drinks

How often do you drink?

1-2 drinks per week.

Favorite Scotch?

Used to be Laphroaig 15, but Macallan 12 is catching up.

Favorite Bourbon?

Knob Creek, but I far prefer Scotch. Bourbon is too sweet.

Favorite tequila?

Casta, in the worm bottle.

Favorite Gin?


Favorite Vodka?

No comment.

Favorite Rum?

No comment.

Drunkest you've ever been?

Passed out in the ice skating rink we were trying to make in the frat’s front yard, after a bout of Chernobyl Aide.

Red or White?


Best wine you've ever tasted?

Cote du Rhone, 1992 (drank it in ‘97).

Favorite type of wine?

Southwestern French and Northern Italians.

Favorite every-day red?

Two Buck Chuck.

Favorite every-day white?

No comment.

Best value wine?

Spanish wines in general.

Do you drink box?

I’ve got nothing against ‘em.

Fastest you've ever gotten drunk?

RIBS “shipping” party in CS3. 8 shots of Bushmills in 30 minutes with a couple of colleagues, one of whom I made it my mission to piss off that night. He left early...

Longest you've ever stayed drunk?

I’m always sorry the day after, so no more than 18 hours or so. Yeah, I’m a lightweight.

Ever do anything you really regret while drunk?

Yeah. This past February. I said something really stupid. Luckily the other person didn’t remember it in the morning. I have to say, I’m usually much more stoned than drunk and, when stoned, have a lot more control over myself.

Favorite lager?


Favorite IPA?

No comment.

Favorite brown ale?


Favorite doppelbock?

I love ‘em all.

Favorite Belgian?

Chimay, blue label.

Favorite stout?

I’ll go for Belgian, thank you.

Favorite Winter Ale?

No comment.

Favorite Scotch Ale?


Favorite Other? (Because this meme is annoying to non-beer-nerds.)


Favorite Brewery?

No comment.

Favorite mixed drink?


Favorite morning libation?

A curse and a glass of red. But I prefer Wake and Bake much more.

Do you suffer memory loss when you drink heavily?

Not in two decades.

Favorite place to drink?

Hangin’ with one of my engineering teams in Seattle.

Favorite sports bar?

Sports bars are anathema.

Ever consider AA?

Not for alcohol.

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