01 May 2008

My Guardian Angel

Just like in college, Toast’s room was always a fun place to just hang out. There’s always an interesting conversation.

Today there was talk of prayer and the consensus was that prayer is a deluded pastime that is nothing but wishful thinking. I tend to agree. Meanwhile, I got religion today. There was a strange encounter at the train station. I think I met my guardian angel. First, I’m taking a break from work a bit and relaxing.

The purpose was to go to the gym; but, my meetings ran late and Hirono was coming home. So I went to meet her at the train station. While there a fellow began talking to me, baked out of his mind. He seemed to be lost. He had no cell phone and used his last change trying to call his girlfriend from a pay phone. She didn’t answer.

So I offered my cell phone and he proceeded to call. No answer. He then says what we need to add the area code. I add the area code and call. Fax machine. He then tells me his plan was to take the train to a different station and walk to a bus station. Turned out he was from San Francisco and had made it close to his girlfriend’s place but couldn’t really get hold of her. Asking him for his bus number we walk to the other side of the platform where there’s a bus map. The bus he wants to take stops right there at the station. He’s golden. And he’s on his way.

The occurrence struck me because the man reminded me so much of myself. His attitude is what I could be if I wanted to be relaxed, not quite like Toast. But he was fun to hang with like Toast. But I really connected to this stranger on some kind of out-of-phase thought. There was a strong sense of identification.

I’ll never see this fellow again. He came and left like he was my guardian angel making sure I’m still doing good in the world.


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Toast said...

I'm like a stoned dude wandering around a bus station? Well, metaphorically perhaps...