02 May 2008

Interesting Union Out Here

The longshoremen's union were in the local paper today. As I was eating breakfast there this morning (venti 5-shot americano and some goat cheese I bought at the farmer's market right out front this very store last Sunday) I read it in the print version for a change. This story was on the front cover. There was a picture in the print copy of some protesters trying to turn back a truck driver at the entry to the port of Oakland. One lady's face looked remarkably like this person. She looked like she had healed nicely, which I'm glad to see.

It's good to see some strong people. I still wonder what can I do to help. Protesting a day is not a problem for me. I imagine if Adobe employees organized and took a day off to protest someplace. That would be perfectly cool; though, I'm sure the company couldn't sponsor it. Who knows, maybe they could. I'll have to ask.

Update: Grrr. I shouldn't post without proofreading. My grammar and sentence structure suck. --e


Sonika said...

Do we get to choose our Protest Topic? :P

fridge said...

Wow. I was in the Steelworkers Union for a year and a half or so. I can't imagine my co-workers there protesting against the war. Of course, they were the bitter disaffected folks from Central PA that Obama spoke about. It was far more important that we negotiate having the first two days of deer hunting season off from work than political matters.