06 February 2010


Finally the weekend is here. Its been a really rough week; but, lots of progress has been made. I presented for a couple of hours at sales training seminars this week. The first audience on Thursday was pretty light. The room was full; but, there weren't any hard questions. Most of the questions were exactly what I expected to hear and so was well prepared. The second audience on Friday was a lot better. The venue was much larger and was standing room only. The questions were tough, probing and really stretched my ability to field them. We also got some great suggestions on what to do better. All-in-all quite a good event.

Next week is Macworld, where the really tough crowd comes in.

On the homefront, Leia surprised me this week by liking sauerkraut. We went to dim sum today, the second time with the girls. They were much more comfortable with the surroundings this time and ventured into the food. We discovered that Alisa loves shrimp.

Lastly, Hirono has a couple of job offers lined up. That's a huge relief. She's worked so incredibly hard these last few months job searching. I'm glad its paying off.


Chris said...

Yay, good news for Hirono (and you)! Makes me smile. :)

Eric Wilde said...

Thanks. Yes, its very good news. She worked so hard for it. I'm surprised at how many hours it takes when intensively looking for a job.

Soan said...

Good times ahead..

PS: it has taken me 3 attempts to write these few words.. OpenID sucks.