01 February 2010

Mickey D's

We went by MacDonalds with the girls for the first time this past weekend. Needless to say, they loved it. It seems all kids love MacDonalds. No surprises in what they ate: Alisa loved the fries with ketchup and Leia loved the burger patty. Happy meals come in undecorated bags these days.

Lots of other cool things going on with the girls. They're taking a liking to stronger flavors in the food now. So our dinners are becoming a bit more interesting to the palate again. Their vocabulary and ability to grasp their surroundings continues to grow. In general they seem to be pretty good girls. For example, they readily will take garbage (like a cracker wrapper) to the kitchen, open the cabinet door, throw the item away, close the cabinet door and come back to whatever it is they were doing.

They are also better at fighting, which isn't so good.


Toast said...

An American Rite of Passage! Congratulations.

Chris said...

Our girls call it Old McDonald's, and they LOVE it. Favorites are fries, nuggets, cheeseburger (no pickle). They get all giddy when we drive by the lone McD's on the island. We attempt to limit intake to once per month, though that doesn't always work out.

Tracy said...

It's fun watching your girls grow up. :O)

Soan said...

Whats with the McD? It's same here.. Infact I can see few grown-ups getting excited by it as well.. :P

All in all.. Looks like girls are having great time