13 February 2010

Stream of Beans

It is with a sense of foreboding that I leave tomorrow. Signs are pretty good that things will go well. My body has aged a lot in the last two years and the coach trip will be hard. I'm dead tired already from a difficult week.

It was, however, a very rewarding week. It was really the first week I felt on top of the game since the girls were born. They are taking a lot out of my career. A staffing situation I've been trying to arrange for two years is finally looking possible. If I had gotten my way even as recently as 3 months ago then this trip wouldn't be necessary for me. Its all the work of my boss' magic. He really has some kind of mind controlling power or something.

There seems to be an endless amount of work ahead of us and clear revenue associated with much of it. The team is stronger. We can accomplish more with less. Many individuals see a career path for them in the gloom, though it will be hard. We have the beginning of a plan to bolster the US teams' ROI and keep them more competitive. I feel more ready for the cycle to begin again now than in a long time. For example, we've settled on an organizational structure long before we are done with the current cycle. We know in which directions we have to grow and where we need to focus our energy.

My parents arrived today. The girls were out of control they were so excited. Still, they were manageable. They've learned to pose for the camera and my Mom got some good pictures. I'll miss them.

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