11 February 2010


Macworld went well today. I always enjoy the opportunity to speak with customers, even when they're angry customers. Surprisingly, the audience was pretty gentle. We were discussing a topic near and dear to many-a system administrators' hearts: deploying and provisioning our software. In a word, the solution today is "suboptimal". That's as diplomatic as I can make it. Our customers very loudly and clearly let us know how suboptimal the solution is. Its my job to go up in front of the crowd and take their slings and arrows.

The good part was that people were generally constructive and appreciative of the fact that we actually talk openly about the issues as well as what we're doing about them. The best part was that I got a bunch of cool toys to play with as a gift for being a speaker.

On the home front, I'm not looking forward to a week away from the girls. It will be relatively peaceful, only work to deal with; but, I'll still miss all three of them greatly. Both girls regularly ask to sit on the potty now. They even are pretty good at timing their request, often about 15 minutes before making a dirty diaper. Unfortunately, their patience isn't long enough to sit on the potty so long. So we usually just get them back into their diapers before they go.

My parents are coming into town tomorrow and staying for a little while. First and foremost, they're going to the Elton John concert in town. Also, they'll help take care of the girls while I'm away. Both girls are really looking forward to them coming. Hirono is in the guest bedroom right now straightening it up and the little girls just keep asking for "Papa" and "Mo", their names for my parents.

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