21 November 2009

Short People Can Help, Too

A couple more firsts this weekend for the girls on top of Alisa's potty use mentioned below.

They both went to bed in the same room last night. Leia went to sleep first and Alisa went up afterwards. It made for a very calm, comfortable night. I was asleep between them an hour later. I really love sleeping on futons. The futons being on the floor lets the girls wander around after they wake up. This usually affords us an extra fifteen precious minutes of sleep in the morning. The closeness of sleeping as a family, Japanese style, is also very satisfying.

Alisa also helped unload the groceries today. Her most capable maneuver was to take a box of corn flakes out of the bag, open the drawer, place the box correctly in the drawer next to the Teddy Puffs, and close the drawer. Its been a big week for her.

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konagod said...

I slept on a futon for many years and finally ditched it in the move from LA to Austin. I think I bought it in Denver, moved to a 2nd apartment in Denver, then moved to San Diego, then moved to an apartment in LA, then to a 2nd apartment in LA. then to a 3rd apartment in LA, then to a house in LA and that was enough of lugging that outrageously heavy thing around! LOL!