17 November 2009

It Reeks In Here

There are those who think I'm going off the deep end with the bailout topic; but, everything about the topic smells deeply of malfeasance. Meteor Blades points out, these thieves are stealing from you and me.

In the wake of the worst layoff for the products for which I'm responsible, I cannot help but be furious at the upper echelon capitalists. The bank leaders who pulled off the bailout really do deserve a good tar and feathering. My wife lost her job and is going through the rigors of job hunting right now. Many of my friends are in the same boat. For some of them, they were the only income for their family. My actions through the coming year will have direct impact on many people I care about. Though the bailout might have saved us from a depression, the details didn't have to be this way at all. Warren Buffet had a good deal with Goldman Sacs while you and I got the sucker's deal.

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