29 November 2009

Brief Status Report

Thanksgiving is over. We had the family here at out house to celebrate. All in all it went smoothly. My parents were in town, which helped immensely.

The girls' ability to communicate continues to improve. Alisa has started using two word combinations. I first noticed it about two weeks ago when we passed by the master bedroom, in which Leia was taking a nap, and Alisa said, "Leia nene." 'Nene' means 'to sleep' in baby-Japanese, being a childish conjugation of 'neru'. Yesterday as I walked to the bathroom Alisa said, "Daddy pooh-pooh", her only way of articulating anything to do with the bathroom.

Work basically is abysmal. I'm about as unmotivated as one can be.

An last, a picture to cheer me up. Here's the girls waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be ready.


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