17 November 2009

First Round for Winter '09

We're going through our first round of illness for this winter. It would be naive for me to hope it was the only round of sickness this winter. Leia and Alisa are pretty much through the worst now. Leia's stuffy nose is about all that's left. Hirono seems to have mostly escaped. I'm home with a sore throat today.

In other news, I continue to be surprised at the amount the girls understand. This morning while playing with crayons I asked Leia for the blue crayon, which she dutifully picked out from other colors. Same with the orange crayon. After two perfect choices in a row I decided to quit while we were ahead. So I don't know the extent of her color knowledge. I'll wager her range of color names matches the Winnie the Pooh book of colors we read regularly.

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