02 October 2009

We Have Ignition

For those following the continuing saga at work, not only is the strategy I'm pushing supported across the organization; but, the first re-org in line with the strategy was announced today. My US team has just more than doubled and we're poised to get this party started. Tomorrow I leave for India to sell the idea to the folks there. If next week in India is a success, then I'd say we have liftoff.

Updated: Nailed it. I'm wasted from multiple 17 hour days, transcontinental flights and high pressure presentations in front of 60+ people. But the critical piece of this week in India is done and done well. There was immediate effect on a number of individuals and excited eagerness for others. Sold. Now its down to a simple (hah!) matter of execution.


Tracy said...

Good luck in India! Revolutionize!

Eric Wilde said...

Thanks, Tracy. I just arrived and am online in the hotel now.

I wouldn't call my efforts revolutionary, just a big change for these teams. I'm not actually blazing any new paths within the industry.