14 October 2009

Local Carnival

We went this week to the local carnival. It was Sunday afternoon and we weren't sure where to go for a walk. Hirono pointed to the obvious, a ferris wheel over the neighbors house.

Actually, it was two and a half blocks away. It just looked that close because it was a big ferris wheel. The local Catholic cathedral was holding its annual benefit parking lot carnival. I'm not one to support the church in any endeavor; but, this one could not be missed!

The spectacle amazed the girls. The pictures mostly came out poorly (with the notable exception of my mother-in-laws' shining face below.) The lighting was just a bit harsh with no greenery around. The priests' garden was the only flora, and that was taken by a stage with the most god awful cover band that ever played. At least there was a ride for the girls. They had a very colorful train for babies. I was mightily embarrassed by the operator chastising me for trying to strap a baby strap around my own waist. Leia was a dare devil and wanted to try the adult rides. Of course, when the train ride started she became scared again. All bravado!

Then she cried when the ride was over because she wanted more.



Tracy said...

That is an absolutely darling picture.

Eric Wilde said...