28 October 2009

Stress and the City

There's lots to say; but, I'm so deeply behind at work that there isn't the time or energy to put thoughts to keyboard and make a post. Suffice it to say that it sucks royally to work at a company that isn't "too big to fail." If I had made mistakes of the relative magnitude that the banksters have made, me and my whole team would be on the streets looking for work. Of course, instead Goldman Sachs and others are making money hand-over-fist by leveraging the tax payer's dollars.

On the home front, we finished H1N1 vaccines for the girls today. It was a really long line and Santa Clara county was down to just a few shots left. The H1N1 vaccines went really quickly. We had to queue up in a very long line out the door of the clinic. Already the clinic was restricting H1N1 vaccines to just high risk individuals, which meant the girls could get shots but Hirono and I could not. By the time we reached the nurses, even many high risk individuals were being turned away (such as those who were chronically ill or otherwise more susceptible to the flu but over the age of 24.) Luckily we made it in time before they ran out of vaccines for even the babies.

Also with the girls, their ability to comprehend us continues to amaze me. I've been very careful not to talk about sweets or desserts; but, today I slipped and immediately after dinner asked "What about dessert?" I'm not sure how Leia learned the word 'dessert'; however, she made a bee line directly to the drawer where we keep crackers and the like. She fished through the crackers, found the sweetest cracker that we have (a kabocha/egg cracker from Japan) and promptly brought it to me for distribution. Clever little girl, that one.

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