14 October 2009

This is Where Obama "Earns" His Nobel Prize

Andrew J Bacevich accurately describes my feelings about Obama in general.

The decision in Afghanastin will define his presidency - beyond being the first black president, I believe. He already won the Nobel Peace Prize, and he doesn't have to "earn" it in the sense that many (including myself) reacted when first hearing the news of the award. This is his chance to "earn" the prize in a big way. Shutting down both wars would be the first substantial step toward closing down the military industrial complex. This is also the decision that will determine where is the limit for the Change he promised to bring.

A few days late: John Lennon, Rest In Peace. Thank you for the song that calms Leia at night.

This link (sorry, no embedding) matches the theme of the post more, though. Yoko sent the unique brilliance of John Lennon off into a new direction. Where is our John Lennon today to bring attention to what is at stake?


Tracy said...

I love John Lennon.

Chris said...

I couldn't agree more.