13 September 2009


P1000976Leia enjoying Macaroni Bolognese

We spent the weekend weaning the girls from bottles. They are now down to one bottle each per day, the last bottle before going to bed. Even this last bottle they don't quite finish. It was rough, particularly Saturday; but, they seem to be getting used to it. Tomorrow they'll be going to day care without any bottles at all for the first time.

Another big item this past week is that the girls started eating dinner with us at the dining room table. We've now had three dinners in a row as a family of four all eating the same food. The food isn't quite how I would cook it for Hirono and me; but, its close enough to adult food that we can all eat the same meal together. I particularly enjoy this development as I can see it becoming a ritual for decades to come.

Work sucks.

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