21 September 2009

Regression and Advancement

Leia was really hard to get to sleep tonight. She desperately wanted a bottle of milk as she was going to bed. Eventually she cried herself to sleep. It was painful to watch; but, better in the long run that she learns to sleep without the bottle. With a mouthful of teeth now she really needs to stop drinking milk while laying down for bed. Otherwise cavities set in pretty quickly. Also, its time for her to grow up and become more independent.

One area where the girls are growing up is in their interaction with the world. They seemed to have crossed a threshold from infancy to childhood. They act more like children than babies now. Each new experience is met with curiosity and experimentation rather than clinging in fear to Hirono or me. In the park they are starting to approach other kids to play rather than running around our feet. At the farmer's market they show interest in exploring the different displays (and trying every sample available.) They have even started the kids game of twirling in circles until they get dizzy and falling down in fits of laughter when they can no longer stand up.

On top of all that, tonight Alisa went to bed without a nightlight and with the door closed. She was in complete darkness and fell asleep without problem. Now if we could just get them both down so easily on the same night!

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