03 September 2009

Tagged Again

1 One
is contented me

2 Two
are the greatest blessings

3 Three Things I can do unconditionally
play with the girls, exchange smiles with Hirono, rock hard

4 Four Things I am pleased to have
family, comfortable life, ganja, energy

5 Five Things high on my wish list
retire and see the world in the girls’ childhood years
find a way to bring out someone’s true potential
play DnD regularly again
have the time to be close to my brother again
have the chance to hit replay at the end

6 Six singers/bands I like
Rob Halford, Maynard James Keenan, Dominique Vallard, Amy Winehouse, Emmanuel Bonnardot, Brad Nowell, Chris Cornell (oops, that’s seven)

7 Seven Things I don’t like
the day after Piels, weakness (h/t Sonika), not enough energy, prejudice broken joints, growing old, hangovers

8 Eight things I love
our girls, the smell of not-quite-so-clean hair, pork fat, stories, the memory of being carefree, fresh food, subtle curves, the touch of a noodly appendage

9 Nine Things I need currently
sleep, fresh food, time with my wife, to get to the gym, an appointment with a dermatologist, caffeine, non-capitalist society, political leaders who aren’t scam artists or criminals, a bowl

10 Ten movies/tv shows i recommend
2001:A Space Oddysey, The Princes Bride, となりのととろ、ぽんぽこ、まだだいよ、いくる, The Seven Samurai, とんぽぽ, The Life of Brian, Harold & Maude

11 My best football team
Hoosick Street Toilet Bowl, 1987


Soan said...

You a Monty Python fan too?? :)

Eric Wilde said...

Oh, yes!