23 September 2009

Eager for Halloween

Last year's Halloween was a blast, spending time with Toast and clan in Las Vegas. This year, however, the girls are old enough to enjoy Halloween. So I'm really looking forward to dressing them up and wandering downtown.

We bought costumes for the girls last week and attempted multiple times to get them fitted by just trying them on. Alisa resisted forcefully. Finally I was able to convince Leia to try on her pink fairy costume, at which point Alisa became extremely jealous and begged for us to put her into a Snow White costume. They both fit well and the girls loved running around the house all dressed up.

P1010553Snow White

P1010549Pink Fairy


The Other Susan said...

They are so cute! Are they practicing saying "Trick or treat?"

Eric Wilde said...

No; but, that's a great idea!

konagod said...

txrad mentioned last night that you had pictures up so I had to swing by and see the family and get caught up on the news.

Eric Wilde said...

Happy to share. Thanks for dropping by.