17 June 2009


Yeah, I get it. People have sex. Can we please stop making such a todo of it?

This is a private matter between two families. So what if the fellow is a raving hypocrite. Many folks are raving hypocrites.

Don't click on this link. Hitting it only drives the clicks and makes advertisers pay more for this kind of stupid media coverage. Some of my customers are advertisers and this is definitely a way to do business.

Updated: Its about another Republican US Senator having an affair. Don't let the oblique nature of my post let curiosity get the better of you. :^) --e


Toast said...

I disagree. I think hypocrisy is one of the worst sins a politician (or anyone else) can be guilty of. When a guy who made a name for himself preaching "family values" and decrying similar transgressions on the part of others gets caught doing something like this I say get the tar and feathers and have a field day.

Eric Wilde said...

Its so tiresome and petty, though. We know already that many leaders on moral values are personally corrupt. People who haven't figured that out yet are just plain blind. There's nothing newsworthy here.