14 June 2009

More Progress

Here's a short update on the girls' progress:

Leia and Alisa are both allergic to eggs. That totally sucks since eggs are everywhere and a significant part of my normal diet. Luckily, their allergy is mild and it is likely they will outgrow it with steady, small doses over time. So we now have the task of feeding them small amounts of egg twice per week. Today was french toast sans syrup. They liked it because I cut them each a small strip the size of a carrot stick that they could eat with their own hands.

Leia is to the point now that she eats more food if she can feed herself than when we spoon feed her. That's both good and bad. The good part is that if we're clever enough to make sure her meal is all finger food (such as strips of french toast with strawberry chunks) then she eats plenty. If her food is something more slimy like porridge or tofu then we're in for a huge mess. Someday we'll have to sand and repaint the base boards...

They've also branched out into other foods. They drink cow's milk from their sippy cups now. Leia loves mozzarela fresca perlini. Crackers are high up on their list of favorites as well; but, nothing will ever top Cheerios.

Update: Oh, yeah, and yogurt. How could I forget yogurt? Its the only slimy food that Leia likes well enough to sit still and let us keep spoon feeding her until its all gone.

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