05 March 2009

Scotch Blogging: The Peat Monster

I need a little diversion between meetings with India, and I definitely need something to bolster me through the next meeting with the India management team in 45 minutes. This calls for another Scotch Blog.

Tonight we're drifting a little bit from the intended wares. This is not a single malt. No, its a double malt. That is, there are two malt vintages in this bottle. An Isley and a Speyside. But with a name like Peat Monster, how could I not give it a try?

The color is very pale for a scotch, suggesting that there isn't a lot of age to this liquor. Bringing the glass up to the nose you cannot miss the smoke. Smoky. Very smoky. Hot dogs over a campfire smoky. Underneath is a little leather and a hint of citrus. Not much could cut through this smoke, though. Plus, I've got a cold and my nose is out of whack tonight.

The taste: peat. And more peat. Yes, this little number earns its name. Its not so monstrous if you're used to peaty Isleys like Laphroig; but, this one isn't for the scotch newbie. Share it only with friends who appreciate such stuff. Beneath the peat is a strong smokiness and the leather comes through in the aftertaste. The smoke and peat stay with you a good couple of minutes after swallowing. And the youth of the scotch is just as evident in the taste as in the color. Its not harsh by any means, just a little nibble on the palate. I'd guess that the average age of the two malts is less than 15 years.

The verdict: 2 glasses. I would prefer a run-of-the-mill older Glenfiddich; but, if you're into the heavy peat and smoke you may give this as much as a 3.5. If you do buy a bottle save it for scotch lovers, who will appreciate the novelty. Those who prefer bourbon or other liquors should probably just give it a pass.

Update: This scotch has given me hankering for another Bruichladdich. So I went to check out the Bruichladdich web site. You gotta love a place that lets you buy your own cask.


Toast said...

Sounds awesome to me.

Eric Wilde said...

Give it a try. You may like it.