27 March 2009

Life is So Short

The girls are starting to act like toddlers instead of babies now. They grow so fast. The time for being a baby is fleetingly short.

Leia is starting to get into everything. Today the contents of the changing table were strewn across the floor. She also become very intent on different things - particularly paper. She was sitting on one side of the family room floor with a mound of toys in front of her. Alisa and I were on the far side of the toy hillock. Behind me was the bag we use to carry gear to and from day care. Inside the bag were two pieces of paper. Somehow she had seen the paper and knew it was in the bag. She spied the bag behind me and started to scoot across the floor. Every time she came to a toy she would grab it and push it aside, clearing a path behind her. If it was a light toy like a block, chuck it over the shoulder! Soon she came to me and started nudging against me like she does when she want me to pick her up. The second nudge, however, was a push. Get out the way! She pushed herself around me and got to the bag. Bam! A split second later she was chewing on the paper. Tenacious.

Alisa loves her stuffed animals. She likes to be surrounded by them. Miffy, Princess Kumachan, Ms. Hop-n-feffer, Valentine Bear, Hakkekkyuu, Gomachan and Bu. They are, in order, a bunny>, a teddy bear princess, a big bunny, a talking white bear, a giant white blood cell, a white baby seal and an orange rag dog. Gomachan is by far her favorite, with Miffy a close second. Hakkekkyuu is a distant third. Then there's the giant hepatitis virus. She's not so fond of that one. But give her a pacifier and Gomachan and she's asleep in 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, I'm physically falling apart. Sick. No exercise. No sleep. At least I'm still eating well. Tonight was asparagus sauteed in chicken fat topped with sunnyside up eggs and slivered parmesan cheese. I think I should have fried the eggs in butter instead of chicken fat; but, otherwise it was pretty good. And it only took about 10 minutes to cook the whole dinner, from opening the fridge to serving the food.

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