12 March 2009

Random Stuff Happening

Lots of stuff going on at the Wilde abode.

Leia finally has her teeth coming out. They move so slowly. Alisa has eight teeth and she's starting to spring out some more. Leia has only recently had her first two teeth sprout and they seemed to stall as soon as they broke the surface of the gum. Poor girl, she wants to eat solid food so badly but just isn't getting any teeth.

On the flip side, Leia is starting to walk! She still needs prodding by pulling her forward a little bit; but, she clearly lifts one foot at a time and sets it in front of the other. She walked about three meters today. Alisa hasn't made any progress on this front.

At work, it looks like The Chocolate Factory project is really taking off. After a few months of evangelizing I'm starting to hear my own words being passed down to me from the CEO and other executives. OF COURSE, its their idea now; but, who cares. Its my wording and goals and it getting real traction. The best part is I'll be responsible for implementing it. Funding is also lining up; but, in this tough economic environment that funding is certainly at risk. This is going to be so cool!

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