24 April 2010

I Don't Miss Those Days Too Much

We visited a very good friend of mine today who has a 29 day old baby. There's something extremely precious and satisfying about holding a tiny baby in your arms. Many times I feel nostalgic thinking about the girls when they were so small. But, you know what? I'm glad they're over and done. Those were very hard days.

In the meantime, the girls just keep growing. Leia is up and down the staircase like its nothing. She even carries things in her arms now as she climbs them. They both speak in sentences, though Alisa's pronunciation is way easier to understand. Leia seems a bit confused by the fact that she hears so many different languages all the time (mostly 3: English, Spanish and Japanese.) So Leia's words are a bit jumbled.

The scary story of the day is that after going to Japanese class this morning I mentioned we need to go shopping because I need a new pair of jeans. Alisa's face immediately brightened up and she screamed out in joy, "Shopping!" Oh, brother...

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