06 April 2010

Down and Out

Hirono is celebrating shipping the iPad tonight with her new team at Apple. I was left taking care of the girls. At this point they're fast asleep.

Hirono usually stays with the girls for a while putting them down. I'm generally more adamant about leaving them to sleep on their own. Tonight was the first time I could put them down for the night without Hirono being here. They cried about 90 seconds wanting Mama. Then they went to bed and I walked out of the room. They basically went to sleep on their own for the first time tonight.



fridge said...

Wait. Hirono works at Apple. You work at Adobe. Couldn't the two of you just secretly slip flash support in there?

Eric Wilde said...

In where? iPad? It already has AIR support, so that's pretty close. iPhone? Not so much.