10 April 2010

Alphabets and Tricycles

Theresa, our nanny, brought a Hello Kitty tricycle from a friend yesterday. Before putting it together we knew we had to get a second one and put them both together at the same time. So we dropped by Toys R Us and got a pink Radio Flyer. With both tricycles put together, the girls carted around the kitchen/dining room/hallway/family room circuit for a good hour. They haven't gotten the hang of pedaling yet; but, Leia is pretty close. She'll probably start pedaling in a week or so - or maybe tomorrow. You never really know.

Alisa, always a lover of books, is smitten with the original stories of Winnie the Pooh on Hirono's iPad. She's been singing the alphabet song for a couple of weeks now and finally, today, she actually spoke the entire alphabet. No singing. No missed letters. Twice - once in the morning and once in the afternoon. At Toys R Us she also got interested in the book section and a bunch of alphabet magnets. This is definitely a welcome development.

Another new thing for Leia is the love for a Japanese dance/exercise from the show "Pythagoras Switch". The dance is called the Algorithm March.

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Tracy said...

Cute video, even though I couldn't understand a word. New bikes are awesome. Have fun!