21 September 2008

A Tiring Day

Leia and Alisa didn't nap at all today. That means their fussy time tonight was worse than usual. Every evening between 7pm and 9pm is sporadic bouts of crying between cat naps as they settle in for the night. It took them about 4 hours of crying fits tonight before they finally went to bed. Now I can finally start my work for the weekend.

On the bright side, Friday was the very first time I heard a real laugh from one of the girls. Alisa got into a full belly laugh on Friday night. I came home late from the San Francisco office due to a 2 hour train delay. Hirono had to weather the evening hours alone with both girls. By the time I got home they were both asleep; but, Alisa woke up and immediately became excited seeing I was home. While changing her diaper she started to smile and play, eventually falling into a loud laugh. It was really nice to see her so unreservedly joyful.

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