07 September 2008

They Grow So Fast

So many of my friends tell us to enjoy the babies now, while we can. They aren't babies forever. That is so true.

Alisa is sleeping in the crib here in the family room while I watch over her and do some work. Hirono came down to grab a snack of grapes and Yakult. The sound of running water disturbed Alisa from her sleep. She got up on her elbows and looked around for what was making the noise. A second later she whimpered, turned her head and lay back down.

This may sound very small; but, it is actually huge. She has never been able to lift her shoulders before, let alone get up on her elbows. Its a first for her. She's gaining muscular control and balance.

They aren't babies forever.

Now then, there's a bright side here as well. She can now turn a bit and rearrange her body position. That means when she's a little uncomfortable and needs to move she just moves into a more comfortable position. Before now she would cry until we picked her up and put her body in a different position. This means an extra hour of sleep for us every day! Hooray! (Well, at least it means an extra hour of sleep once Leia catches up and can do the same.)

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fridge said...

Don't worry dude. Every developmental stage has it's fantastic side.

I did love all the little stuff they learn as babies, sitting up, crawling, walking. All of those are a delight.

Now, my oldest is six. She debunked the tooth fairy the other day. "Dad, I know it's parents, so don't lie." Of course, she waited until she woke up with 2 dollars before she made that announcement. And then, once we agreed to not tell her little brother so he can lose some teeth and have fun, she said, "Well, Dad, that means you need to keep giving me money when I lose a tooth otherwise Jonny might find out." She had a real S.E.G. with that one.

Glad you're enjoying the infant phase, but I think you'll find kids pretty much always stay awesome.