22 September 2008

Demotivated and Downtrodden

I'm not sure what it is; but, I'm so wholly and utterly demotivated at the moment that I just cannot get myself to do anything. Is it because the only time I've seen the girls today is when they've either been asleep or screaming in my ear? Is it the lack of THC running through my veins and I'm going through withdrawal symptoms? Is it the lack of rest as I try to push this motherload of a software release out the door? Is it the general malaise of doing all my hiring in China, Romania and India while seeing really great managers in the US left out in the cold? Is it the perpetual smell of spoilt milk on my clothes and dirty diapers in the bedroom? Its it the lack of hope that even the Hopemonger can change the train wreck of these United States? Gads, I'm low today.

Tomorrow, however, has a bowl lined up in the evening with a friend. So that should be better.

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Anonymous said...

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