06 June 2008

No sleep, no sleep, no sleep, no sleep!

And no mad video games in the meantime. Name the band and song from which that quote comes. :)

These girls are nonstop action. The cycle of poop, eat, burp sleep, poop... has gone into a 1.5 hour cycle for each. It will stay this way for a couple of weeks and then slack out again after they get used to eating real breast milk.

Alisa isn't eating well so she now has a pretty severe case of jaundice. We have to go back to the hospital again tomorrow for another checkup and see if she is any better. If not, she has to be readmitted. She's currently sleeping on a "blanket" that consists of a hard strip of plastic emitting a diamond pattern of ultraviolet light. That should help to breakdown the hemaglobin byproducts and reduce the jaundice as well. In addition, she's supplementing on formula. The prognosis right now is pretty good.

Leia is also supplementing on formula and has a touch of jaundice; but, she's getting almost enough early breast milk now and can only fit it <5cc of formula before passing out from being too full. So she should get a clean bill of health in the morning.

Then there is the house remodeling still to get finished. Gads, life will never be the same again.


Toast said...

Hope all goes well. Hang in there.

Tracy said...

Gads, life will never be the same again.

Ain't it grand?

Eric Wilde said...

Thanks. Yes, it is wonderful. I'm totally smitten by these two and can't stop being with them.