07 June 2008

Great Dump

Who'd a ever thought I would be happy to clean up a big pile of someone else's shit?!?

Alisa has been jaundiced lately and under daily observation by the hospital. The way to clear infant jaundice is to regularly relieve the bowels and bladder. After a couple of days with nothing, today Alisa relieved herself in a big way. It looked like something a 10 year old would do, not a 4 day old. She should be in the clear now. We're very relieved.

I'll spare you all the photos. :)

1 comment:

fridge said...

It's amazing how poop-centric your life becomes when you have kids. Pretty much stays that way, too until they are potty trained.

Congrats Wilde on the little ones, the healthy Mama and, of course, on the big poop!