12 June 2008

Finally, After 20 Years

Back in college I was in a fraternity. For a day or two every week I cooked dinner for 30 or so hungry college boys. The stove we had was a professional quality gas range, oven, griddle and broiler. It was by far the best stove I had ever used. The heat came out very strong and instantly. The temperature control was very fine grain and easy to eyeball. For the last 20 years or so I've not had any stove nearly as good. Finally, with the kitchen remodeling virtually complete (and the girls sleeping a little longer) I can begin to use my new stove. It f'n rocks! So far I've only cooked three or four meals on it; but, its well on its way to living up to the old Phi Sig stove.


Tracy said...

That is absolutely beautiful! Is that a griddle in the middle? Hey, that rhymes! I am very envious, Eric.

Eric Wilde said...

Thanks. No, that's the cover to a grill. I can boil 1.5 gallons of water in about 2 minutes. Awesome!