05 January 2008


We've tentatively decided on two names for the girls: Leiah and Alysa. The requirements were that the names sounded appealing in both Japanese and English as well as having no negative connotations for either Hirono or me. Both these names fit the requirements. We'll keep them unless a better name strikes us in the next couple of months, though we'll not be actively searching for a different name.

Now we have to find the right Kanji spelling for the Japanese citizenship papers.

For the Japanese speakers in the audience, the Katakana spelling would be レイア and アリサ, or Reia and Arisa in Romaji.

Although the names were chosen without reference to their meaning, according to baby-names.adoption.com the meanings are:

Alysa - Greek origin meaning "princess".
Leiah - various meanings in different cultures. I like the one meaning "glad tidings".

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Toast said...

Good choices. Very pretty sounding.