09 January 2008

Kanji version of names

Here's are the likely candidates for the Kanji version of the names:

有咲 - Alysa

伶有 - Leiah

Update 1:

We've changed our minds a little bit. Alysa's kanji has a clear feminine overtone, whereas Leiah's does not. We thought this might be unfair and so changed the Kanji for Leiah to have a similar amount of feminine overtones. The second character for Leiah will be different now:


A quick interpretation of these Kanji are:

伶杏 - The first character means a musician (one who plays clear notes). The second character means apricot.

有咲 - The first character means existence. The second character means blossom.


Tracy said...


Eric Wilde said...

Thanks. The kanji are all from Hirono and are important for their Japanese citizenship. I don't have nearly enough skill in Japanese to pick out appropriate Kanji glyphs.