30 January 2008

Background of the moment

Toast once mentioned that refrigerator doors were actually a window into people's souls. Looking for link...

I would say the same of a desktop, in sense of both literal and as a computer metaphor. Here's a picture of mine, in its full screen-wide glory.


I've had it up for a while now, maybe two weeks. They usually stay up for about 7 or 8 weeks before they are changed. Most of the time the pictures are either astronomical or from a vacation with Hirono. Often it will be Hirono in the picture. That's liable to change soon with the girls coming. Its still rather hard to believe.

The reason I like the picture is obvious, I totally identify with that dog. I've always felt an identification to the canine, maybe from the very strong bond I had with Trixie. Trixie was my pet dog that I've had since I fist came home from the hospital as a baby. Nobody has ever really replaced a special part of me that was hers. Anyway, I'm the dog.

The dog could be doing one of two things. He could be tearing the toilet paper to shreds, got caught and claimed was too innocent at heart to know it was wrong. He also could simply be saying, "Oh, Shit. I got caught." I'm feeling a bit of both right now. Evidently I've felt that way for a while now and that's why I chose this picture. Its certainly out of the ordinary theme. This moment captures the distillation of the feeling because it shows my mail system is dead and I could now lose tons of emails. He's quite funny looking, too. In the upper right hand corner of the screenshot there's a .gif. It came from a commenter at the Freeper sight. It's a reminder to me of how incredibly pigheaded people can be. I guess I'm really a dog person.

To my many dear readers, what's your desktop right this moment? Put up your own desktops so we can all psychoanalyze you as well.


Update: More than a month of email lost. Oh, joy. My job is totally dominated by email.


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