19 August 2007

The Nation-State as Anachronism

Hirono and I went to see Rage Against the Machine tonight. Great show.

Actually, it was called “Rock the Bells” and featured other big names like Wu-Tang Clan, Cyprus Hill, and Public Enemy. It was held in a parking lot in the SOMA district of San Francisco. What a difference from the Poison/Ratt show last weekend.

Whereas the Poison and Ratt show was held out in farmland and very violent, the show tonight was a big mother of a festival and was incredibly peaceful. 50,000 people (sold out!) No seats. Just a stage and a parking lot and some screens for the people further back. The music tonight was much more violent, or at least thats the appearance. The atmosphere of the show was tremendously peaceful, though. The freaks were out in force. Pipes were being passed around, as were joints. It was like day and night compared to the show last weekend. Even the exit was orderly and respectful, without any problem traffic.

It is encouraging to note that the show with 25 times more people was the more peaceful one. There is hope for humanity.

Legalize it!


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