05 August 2007

Another Entry

Who would have ever thought I'd get to a second blog entry. Its probably only because I was here to link to the first entry on Toast's refridgerator thread.

Anyway, I just have to speak my mind. As far as Democrats and Republicans are concerned, both sides are not the same. The Dems aren't as beligerent, pig headed and downright evil as Republicans. However, the Dems are weak willed and unprincipled. They're both in the pocket of corporate interests. I'll vote Dem when I have to kick out the Rep; but, given any reasonable choice outside of the Dems I'll do that instead. What those 'tards just did with FISA is the last straw. Goodbye Dems.

Oh yeah, and no more donations to Dems. Forget it. You gotta earn my money just like I do.


Toast said...

Clearly, we are on the same wavelength this morning.

fridge said...

You guys gonna vote for Nader again? That worked great in 2000...