28 June 2012

Receding Jetlag

I'm back in Asia this week and next. Arriving last Sunday night, this Friday morning the jet lag finally seems to be receding. I leave for home next Friday, where there will be another grueling week of jet lag to deal with.

I must say, the greater New Dehli area does seem to be the armpit of India. Yesterday I went down to the Bangalore campus for a day trip. Sweat was literally dripping off me at 5am in Noida (New Dehli area) waiting for the cab to pick me up. Visibility was meager and the sky a grayish brown from the smog and ubiquitous dust. The instant I stepped off the plane in Bangalore I was greeted with pillowy clouds in a blue sky and a cool westerly wind. It was very refreshing.

It just so happened that the monsoon season reached Bangalore yesterday as well. Although the rain was light, it had the hallmarks of a tropical storm nonetheless. While awaiting the cab back to the airport at the end of the day, one side of the office building was raining while the other was sunny and warm. I literally stood on the side of the building with my left side getting wet and my right side staying dry. It reminded me much of the late summer storms growing up in Florida.

(I didn't take the below snap; but, it is a very typical scene on the roads of Bangalore.)


Soan said...

Still in Delhi? I'm in town too.

Eric Wilde said...

Yes, I'm in town. Are you free on Monday for dinner?

Soan said...

Yes. Emailed you on gmail.