17 June 2012

California Girl

Every day I try to write a little bit with girls, often by asking them what word they want to learn how to spell.

Leia is a California girl through-and-through, having developed a sophisticated palate based on the ubiquitous fusion cuisine. When asked what word she wanted to learn today, her response was "escargot".

I feel sorry for her dates in years to come.

Updated: Here's the entire menu she made, and then subsequently started playing restaurant with Alisa.

It's been a good Father's Day.


Tracy said...

I'd eat at that place. Yums.

Eric Wilde said...

Just to be clear, the Lobster were raviolis.

Yeah, the girl's got good taste.

Purple Sorcerer said...

I'm just amazed how well little girls tend to write... my son didn't prepare me for my six-year old daughter's already prim writing style. :)