28 January 2012

Lonely Tower of Throng Keel Player Map

1 hex = 1 km

3. Unnamed village at castle
4. Fan Ha Well
5. Ol' Crabbies
6. Wetlans Village
7. Nyor Ten Village
9. Sunken Ribs' Graveyard
10. The Castle of Tumbling Lotus

Yes, I know I skipped some numbers. On the referee's map the numbers go up past 10, too. Apart from the eponymous adventure site, I don't have anything pre-generated for each possible area of interest on the player's map. Just names.

The Castle of Tumbling Lotus is home base for the crew tonight. They decided to play a sorcerer and pirate captain duo from Pan Tang, dipping into the darker side of story telling.

Updated: Using the same map for starting up a campaign with the full crew in two weeks. Home base may or may not be the Castle of Tumbling Lotus at start when playing with the full crew.

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