27 September 2011

Konnichiwa from the Land of MILFs and Ramen

Its true. Japan is a land filled with so much beauty and great food. I'm happy to be back here again. The last time we came the girls were too small to do anything but stay inside and visit family. This time, we have a chance to get outside and see the town a bit.

The thing I like most about Japan is the ubiquitous tiny boutique. Everything has a store dedicated to it and every hundred feet has some little shop whose owner toils behind the counter doing all the tasks needed to run the place. Today was a day of shopping for myself while the girls were napping. So I splurged by going by my favorite T-Shirt designer's place and haberdashery, followed by a great little joint that makes splendid pork buns with salted turnips and mushrooms.

Tonight I'm hoping to sneak out with Hirono to the neighborhood shochu (local vodka) joint.


Tracy said...

Your vacation sounds like it'll be fun, minus the aspirins. Hope you're enjoying it all.

There's a Disney in Japan, too? We were surprised to find one on Hong Kong.

Eric Wilde said...

Yeah, it was fun even though exhausting. I'm leaving tomorrow for home.