08 August 2010

Short Update

I arrived back from India on Thursday and have been spending time with family ever since. The girls have changed so much while I'm gone. Here's the highlights:

* Leia has used the potty successfully two days in a row. I've taken the tactic of asking them if they want to sit on the potty very first thing in the morning. It seems to be working. She's terribly proud of herself.

* Their pronunciation, particularly Alisa, has become much more easy to understand. Leia talks a blue streak now.

* They're getting big. 2Ts fit well now. They are nearly the tallest in their daycare class.

* They love to dance even more. When I asked this morning, "What music do you want to listen to?", they both answered, "Rock and roll!" I proceeded to put on Black Sabbath and mad hopping about ensued.

* Seeing their faces light up on Thursday afternoon when I picked them up at daycare was precious.

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