18 August 2010

Jochen and Mr. Brown

Two fun stories for the day.

The past Saturday some friends came to visit. One of them is named Jochen and I can never quite pronounce his name correctly. Tonight, Leia started chattering on about Jochen. The sad thing was, she says it just like Jochen and his wife say it - much better than I. The cute part was she was speaking in Japanese at the time: "Jochen wa kakko ii." That translates literally to: "Jochen is cool!"

The second story is around the Dr. Seuss book, _Mr_Brown_Can_Moo,_can_you?_ The girls have always liked this book since it has vibrant onomatopoeia on every page and I read it animatedly. Tonight for the first time both Leia and Alisa tried to imitate the sounds of a bee, a train, thunder, etc. It was quite fun.

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